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My girls started dancing at CPAA 6 years ago after leaving another studio.  Their transition was great and there growth has been phenomenal.  The teachers are AMAZING and encouraging. In addition to the stellar dance training, my girls have also developed a wonderful sisterhood.  CPAA is "more than dance." I highly recommend if you're in search of a dance family and great training.

Tomeka Gantt

My daughter joined this studio when she was 3 years old. She is 9 years old now and still loves it! When we made the shift from recreational dance to competitive dance, I was told that I would be paying for more than just dance lessons. Because of dance and her relationships at CPAA, she's learning about focus, discipline, and self-confidence. She's building great friendships (the parents are, too) and learning about sisterhood as they cheer each other on during rehearsals and at competitions. Oh yeah, and there's lots of fun to go along with all of the hard work! All that to say - we love our dance family at CPAA!

Chrystal Joy

My daughter started dancing at CPAA about 5 years ago and it has been nothing short of amazing! I originally enrolled her in an effort to keep her active and build her self-confidence.  CPAA has done that and then some. In addition to my daughter's confidence soaring she has become a great dancer. Mrs. Siara's teaching style is patient, kind, encouraging and won't accept anything less than your best. I can not imagine my daughter dancing at any other studio where she will be made to feel like family.

Shari Grigsby-Young

My daughter currently takes classes here and I can honestly say that besides the all of technique she has learned over the last couple of years, she has gained sisterhoods that she'll never forget. The staff is attentive and communication lines are always open. We love it here!

Kara Cornish

My daughter trains at CPAA and in addtion to the excelent training she has acquired life long friends.  She enjoys the hands on approach within the training curriculum and the push that's given on a daily.  The last two years she has grown tremendously and absolutely love the instructors.

Latanya Knoble

My daughter has grown as a dance during the 8 years with CPAA.  She's gained confidence, skill, will power, and sisterhood.  She enjoys the classes and loves to show off her new abilities.  Mrs. Siara is an amazing one of a kind instructor, that the students are fortunate to learn from her at Charlotte Performing Arts Academy.

Natalie James

We LOVE CPAA...we started out at a different studio when my daughter was 5 but they didn't teach her to the point of improvement...long as she moved on stage that was all they offered...we were grateful for the referral we got for CPAA after two years with the other studio...I only wish we found CPAA sooner...its a family and it's just not about daughter's grades were slipping one year and I went to Siara & Keva and they both talked to her to get back on track...Dance is if your want a studio that will help your child improve, encourage them, support them outside of dance, love your child like their own, invest in your child then Charlotte Performing Arts Academy is where you want to be...thanks for keeping the dream alive...GoodBye Covid we need our dance life back

Latesha Addison

My daughter has been dancing with this studio for many years both recreation and competitive. My daughter love for dance came while she was recreational and that was due to their Awesome dance teacher.  This studio honestly has taught my daughter so much more than dance. The life skills, confidence, preparation for high school and friendships are a bonus. Yes, dance is an investment but so are the other sports that my son participates in. So if you are looking for a studio that offers more than dance don't look any further. Come check them out!!

Moe Stokes

Over the past five years our daughter has improved physically, mentally, and spiritually as a direct result of CPAA and their staff and dancers. While it has been a journey, we could not be happier! Yes, dance is a hobby requiring more of an investment than other sports but the return is well worth it. Our daughter is confident, fearless, and teachable. These traits have carried over to other parts of her life and we look forward to continued growth with CPAA as an integral part of our village. Thank you Sierra and Keva for the support, instruction, and life lessons!

Chris Greene

Our first year here at CPAA and I must say I'm VERY pleased at our dance studio decision.  Mrs Siara and our other wonderful instructors bring discipline and energy to motivate the dancers to become better dancers!  Mrs Keva speaks life into her babies and to be who they are!  All CPAA dancers have a PASSION for dancing and it shows in ALL PERFORMANCES! The dancers have a bond like a FAMILY! WE LOVE CHARLOTTE PERFORMING ARTS ACADEMY!

Shana Bennett

Where do I begin about this dance studio. My daughter has been dancing for 10 plus but joined the CPAA family 3 seasons ago. The level of technique that my daughter has gain from this studio has been amazing. This is studio is more then a dance studio they are family. Over the past 4 months I have seen this studio step up and help keep life as normal and safe as possible for my dancer. We are overjoyed to be apart of this outstanding studio!

Kadeisha Wylie

Our daughter will begin her seventh year of competitive dance at CPAA (Charlotte Performing Arts Academy) this Fall. This is truly THE BEST DANCE STUDIO! As a member of The Dance Company competitive team, our daughter has improved her dance skills exponentially and benefits not only from the technique, choreography, preparation and discipline - but from the close relationships formed with fellow dancers at CPAA. Her experience has even encouraged our younger son to audition for Kidz Krew, CPAA's hip hop competitive dance team. As a result, he's broken out of his shell and his self-confidence has increased. Last but certainly not least, CPAA PERFORMANCES ARE EPIC! Attend a local performance and you'll be mesmerized! If you're searching for a dance studio that will help maximize your child's talent and develop lifelong skills that will benefit them both professionally and personally, I highly recommend CPAA.

Tiffany Bell

CPAA is a family friendly environment that nurtures and cares for our girls like their own. Not only are their skills built for dance, but skills instilled in them that will carry them through life. Hands down the best dance studio around!


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