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Zoe (age 14) has been dancing since the tender age of 3.  She started competing at age 5 and has competed in all genres of dance for the last eight years.  She has won numerous awards for solo performances as well as being a participant in many group awards earned.  She was named Miss Starpower at age 8 and Miss Legacy at age 10.  Zoe is often called out in class to perform solo choreography and has won yearly scholarships from conventions such as Jump: The Alternative, Showstoppers, Monsters of Hip Hop, 24Seven and Nuvo. 
In the summer of 2010, she attended Jump: The Alternative Nationals and was chosen to participate in the Final show.  In the summer of 2011, she spent 2 weeks in New York at the Joffrey Ballet School. In the summer of 2013, Zoe won 2nd overall junior soloist and 1st runner-up for Junior Miss Legacy at Legacy Dance Championships National Talent Competition in Orlando, FL. 


Zoe spent the summer of 2015 participating in Dancer of the Year at the Dance Awards in Vegas and a week attending classes at the Millennium Dance Complex and the Edge in LA.  Zoe loves all genres of dance and dreams of becoming a professional dancer.

She attends a Private School for Gifted and Talented students in Charlotte, NC where she an honor student and a starter for the junior varsity volleyball team. In addition to dance and volleyball, she enjoys running, watching television and hanging out with friends.
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